Tempat/Tgl Lahir
Bidang Ilmu
Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Lubis, M.Sc
Padang Sidempuan, 11-10-1954
Pembina Utama Madya (Gol. IV/d)
Guru Besar
Manajemen Pemasaran

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Lubis, M.Sc. NIP. 195410111980031004 is one of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Syiah Kuala University since the year 1980, He is a Professor specializing in marketing management. In addition to teaching a variety of courses that correspond to the his specialties, both at bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, He is currently also entrusted to occupy positions as Chair (head) of the Doctoral Program in Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Syiah Kuala University beginning in 2014 up to now. Further, in addition to carrying out the duties of Chairman of the Doctoral Program and lecturer, He is still actively involved in the various activities of research and devotion to society, especially the various related programs of the development of local government institutions.

In 1979 and 1995, he was elected as a model student and lecturer of Syiah Kuala University Respectively. Several trainings workshops (Only few) he was already joined, such as: 1.National Planning Program, (8 months) 1982, University of Indonesia, Jakarta. 2.Agribusiness Training, (2 weeks), 1988, Kasessart University, Bangkok. 3.Case Study Writing, (19 days), 1994, University of The Philippiners, Deliman, Philippines. 4.Total Quality Management (10 days), 1994, University of Lampung. 5.TOT in Public and Private partnership, (7 days), 2004, Institute of P3 Washington DC, USA. 6. Workshop on UN Srcurity Council Resolution, (7 days), 2007, UNFPA Katmandu, Nepal.

He has been also supervising several Ph.D candidates at syiah kuala university and other university. His Specifications are Development Planning, Government Budget , Marketing and Agribusiness Management, and Human Resource Development.

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